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Wholesale Fingerprint Door Lock

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About Us
LCM was established in 1968 by four brothers shoulder to shoulder in Changhua, Taiwan. LCM started with molding, taking up entrust design and manufacturing worldwide. In 1984, LCM expanded its production line to include design, mold developing, die-casting, machinery processing, polishing, plating, powder coating to assembling for consistent operation, each step is strictly controlled to ensure quality.
LCM鈥檚 quality policy is 鈥渃ustomers first, all products quality guarantee, superior technology innovation鈥? We have received the ISO 9001 certificate, Quality Certification and QC Quality Inspection System. Its faucets and accessories have also got certificates in many countries in the world, far more exceeding the requirements of quality. LCM has gained many prizes accredited for good supplier and high-quality manufacturer by many enterprises both at home and abroad. Naturally, customers appreciate LCM all over the world.
In May of 2002, LCM Taiwan factory received the ISO 9001 certificate. Then both 2 China factories followed in obtained same ISO-9001 too. AS providing quality products is our duty and obligation to our customers.
Furthermore, in our Shanghai factory, not only equipped with first non-Cyanogen electric-plating line in China, but also setup with high-tech waste water treatment in protecting our environment and finally we got the ISO-14000 certificate in 2010.
Fingerprint Door Lock
LCM Group is a manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality bathroom accessories, faucets, fingerprint door locks and smart home products. In recent years, it has invested in the industrial research and development of IT technology and network technology, and has developed products that are used in automation Smart Home.
LCM Group electronic door locks have a variety of styles, including electronic keyless code door lock, card code door locks, fingerprint code door locks, Zigbee remote unlocking integration, Bluetooth remote unlocking integration, etc.
The main material of the fingerprint door lock of LCM Group is aluminum-zinc alloy, which is manufactured and processed by our company’s precise die-casting machine, with stainless steel lock box and tempered glass panelWholesale Fingerprint Door Lock

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