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Titanium Plate company

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Basic Info
Model NO.:YQAB1
Type:Titanium Anode Basket
Material:Titanium ASTM Gr2
Trademark:Shen Ao
Origin:Guangdong, China
Product Description
Application of titanium anode basket:
1. The conductivity of titanium is not so good that the electric current of the hooks above the solution usually doesn’t exceed 0.24A/ mm² and the current of the hooks under the solution usually doesn’t exceed 1.5A/mm². Otherwise, the hooks will be heated, which will result in increasing the temperature of the solution, the refrigerating capacity and wasting electric power or even burn out the plastic tanks. Once the hooks of titanium basket become hot, some measures can be done to improve the conductivity situation, such as using more titanium baskets and expand the sectional area of hooks.
2. Generally, the hooks and the electrodes don’t touch with each other by plain or circular surface because it will easily cause bad contact and spot corrosion of the electrodes.
3. In order to prevent the anode slag from flowing out, the opening of the titanium basket should be higher above the solution level.
4. The bottom of the titanium basket should be 100-150mm higher above the bottom of the tank which for fear that the tank will be burned out as the electricity is over concentrated in the bottom of the tank.
5. The titanium basket and electrode should be contacted closely, or the anode potential of the titanium basket will rise rapidly and cause oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution reaction which will damage the titanium basket and oxygenize the additives.
6. In order to prevent coating burrs, the titanium baskets should be coated with anode bags. Since the anode bags are used for long term without removing, it’s better to use double bags.
7. The anode bag should seal the opening of titanium basket tightly and leave a few centimeters clearance for restoring the generated anode slag.Titanium Plate company

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