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Outdoor Playground Climbing Wall Series

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nameindoor climbing wall
MaterialPlastic parts:LLDPE
It refers to the method of using the foot pedal front and the big toe at the fulcrum of the treads. For beginners, it is always possible to increase the contact area between the sole and the fulcrum as much as possible to increase the friction of the fulcrum. However, instead of increasing the contact area only by increasing the contact area, the key is to step up the heel and increase the pressure between the tiptoe and the fulcrum to increase the friction force.
1.How can I install after getting the products?
Reply: We’ll send you installation drawing after shipment. Each pipes will have the labels, you can just install it according
the the marks and instructions
2.What’s the main material of outdoor playground?
Reply:The main material of outdoor playground is galvanized pipe and plastic part, for the plastic part, we use imported LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) as raw material
3.What’s the warranty for the outdoor playground?
Reply:The life expectancy could be mroe than 5year under good maintenance. The warranty is 1year, which means that you could turn to us for help if there is any quality issue (factitious destroy not included) during warranty period.Outdoor Playground Climbing Wall Series

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