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China Silicone Rubber Cable factory

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  • Подано: 30.03.2020 12:34
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High temperature resistant silicone rubber cable insulation and sheath material adopt silicon rubber, because the silicone rubber itself has high temperature resistant, cold resistant, soft, wear-resisting, anti-corrosion features, so the cable under the environment of high temperature electric performance is stable, good ageing resistance, long service life.
Suitable for ac 1 kv and below which have special requirements such as tensile, heat resistant and corrosion of driving, car, mobile devices such as transmission machinery and electric power transmission and control, lighting, communications lines, this product has been widely used in metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, ships, ports and other industries.
Silicone rubber silicone rubber insulation sheathed power cable
Silicone rubber insulation silicone rubber sheath mobile power with soft cable
Silicone rubber insulation silicone rubber sheath copper braid shielded power cables
Silicone rubber insulation silicone rubber sheath steel tape armoured power cables
The main technical indicators
1. Finished cable conductor resistance (R) (to) GB3956 regulations refer to appendix A of table 1 and table 2.
2. When 20 ℃ insulation resistance should not less than 100 m Ω/KM
3. The finished cable communication through 50 hz3. 5 kv / 5 min is not breakdown voltage test.China Silicone Rubber Cable factory

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