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China Reliable 6V Lithium Battery Pack 2CR5 manufacturers

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※Company Info
WINPOW is a well-known name in battery R&D and production, one of the largest 23A/27A battery manufacturers in China. As a battery specialist, WINPOW has independent IP rights and R&D capabilities on many battery products, and is a home to a host of industry professionals, some of which published their papers in Chinese authoritative battery magazines, such as Battery and Battery Industry.
Huizhou WINPOW Electronic Co., Ltd, the first plant of WINPOW, was established in April 2007, covering an area of about 4000 sq.m. Through over a decade of efforts, we have built three plants, one in Huizhou for alkaline button cell batteries and 23A/27 A batteries, one in Shenzhen for battery diaphragms, and one in Shaoyang for lithium batteries.
Today, WINPOW is able to provide a wide variety of battery products, including alkaline button cell batteries, 23A/27A alkaline batteries, lithium manganese button cell batteries (CR2032), LR6/LR03 alkaline cylinder batteries, R6/R03/6F22 carbon zinc batteries, cylindrical primary lithium batteries (CR123A, ER14250), zinc air batteries and rechargeable batteries (Ni-MH, lithium-ion and lead acid). Our products are embraced for extraordinary cost performance and superb leakage resistance. Among them, 23A series, 27A series, and lithium manganese button cell batteries are killer products in the China’s battery market, which helps earn WINPOW an authorized manufacturer of many reputable brands.
Our battery products can be used to power remote controls, vehicle alarms, smart keys, CMOS, watches, door bells, electronic dictionaries, etc.
In the past decade, WINPOW has passed ISO9001 certification, SGS certification, BSCI certification, and other certifications issued by PONY testing. These certificates witness the growth of WINPOW.China Reliable 6V Lithium Battery Pack 2CR5 manufacturers

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