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China 6SP Deep Well Submersible Pump

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Our History
ZHEJIANG DAQIN PUMP CO,. LTD is built in 2010 and it developed from the domestic into a professional exporting manufacturer on the basis of insisting on producing higher quality and better cost performance pumps for benefiting the people all of the world.
Our Factory
ZHEJIANG DAQIN PUMP CO,. LTD is a professional manufacturer of submersible deep well pumps, sewage pumps, jet pumps, self priming pumps, centrifugal pumps, vortex pumps, shield circulating pumps and boosting pumps, which are widely used in civil water intake, fire fighting, agriculture, industry, fishing industry and house usage.
Our Product
3SD, 4SD,4ST, 4SK, 4SV, 5SD, 6SR, 6SP.
Product Application
House holding, agriculture, industry, civil water intake, water pressurization, fishing, fire fighting.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Automatic Coiling machine, production flow machine, power testing machine, air leakage testing machine, water leakage testing machine, voltage adjusting and testing machine, delivery head and flow testing machine.
Production Market
Middle east, Asia, Europe, South America, Africa.
Our Service
1. inquiry for the climate, temperature, voltage range of the buyer’s using environment and the buyer’s request for the power, flow and delivery as well as the water level and materials, cable length etc.. 2. Recommendation of the suitable model and introduction of the performance of recommended models. 3. Offering sample photos and quotation. 4. Issuing pi for deposit. 4. production for samples and details reconfirmation for the order via sample photo. 5. official production 6. delivery 7. send BL copy and get balance tt 8. release BL and other documents. 9. after sales research for the performance and the users’ feedback. 10. problems solution or details development after getting feedback via varies of ways.China 6SP Deep Well Submersible Pump

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