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cheap Bopp Adhesive Tape

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EO high quality Beige Tape Jumbo Roll Tapes are widely used in warehouses, container shipments, light industrial enterprises, personal life to prevent theft of goods and so on.
Even in the harsh climate, its performance is also good.

Product application:
Color tape is based on the original BOPP film, after high pressure corona to the rough surface, all kinds of colors,after cutting of Jumbo Roll,
Applicable to enterprises, factories, personal daily life. Surface of the packaging

Product specifications:
Material BOPP coated with acrylic adhesive
Use Connect the two separate materials together.
Available Thickness From 1.0 mic to 5.0 mic,or as you required
Width 1040mm-1280mm
Length 600m-4000m
Color Beige
Tensile strength 60 N / 25 mm or 6000 g / 25 mm
Elongation at break ≧120
initial adhesion 20-29
Permanent adhesion ≧24 hours

Packaging & transportation
Package Carton
MOQ 2000m2
Production capacity per month/100 tons
Place of Origin Shenyang China
Port Dalian China
Delivery time Depends on your quantity,usually 2-7days after deposit received
Payment term: 30% deposit before production,70% pay before delivery

Features :
EO BOPP Color Jumbo Roll Features:
1.NO fading
2. High quality
3. Long lasting
4. Application widespread

EO Advantage :
We provide customers with various types, colors, different width and size of the tape. Our products are used in the market for customers at a very cheap price while ensuring quality.
cheap Bopp Adhesive Tape

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