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3mm Oval white LED

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zhongshan tranch optoelectronics technology co.,ltd

1.December 2003: → Zhongshan Huahong Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in the processing zone of Zhongshan Torch Development Zone. It is a small workshop-style manual factory consisting of dozens of people.
2. August 2008: → Started to build and upgrade an automated production line.
3. July 2009: → The company initially completed the transformation and upgrading, and introduced a fully automated production line. The company moved to Jiangling West Road, Zhongshan Torch Development Zone, and became the first LED chip product manufacturer in Zhongshan.
4. June 2011: → Started to build a factory and production base in the port town of Zhongshan City. Sichuan and Chongqing once again stood at a new starting point.
5. October 2012: → Zhongshan Chuanyu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established into the fast lane of the company’s development.
6. In April 2013: → I owned my own factory and production base and moved the whole factory to No. 3, Huashi Road, Port Town, Zhongshan City. The company’s economic strength continued to increase and the industry’s influence continued to climb.
Our Factory
We focus on the cultivation and construction of LED big brands, do a good job in the LED brand display lamp bead supplier; do a good domestic LED big brand manufacturer; do a good job of LED green energy lighting manufacturer. The company has 20 years of experience in the industry, using the world’s leading LED-Lamp production and packaging equipment, monthly production capacity of 100KK, per capita output value of one million.
Our Product
Tranch Optoelectronics closely focuses on product innovation, continuously increases R&D expenditures and strengthens the R&D team’s own innovation capabilities. The annual R&D investment is maintained at 8%-15% of annual operating income. After long-term technical precipitation and accumulation, it has formed the stability performance of two series of products, such as in-line and patch, and has the unique selling point advantage of the industry.
1. Direct insertion series products selling point advantages

— Selected packaging materials.
-Super strong light, energy consumption is reduced.
-Waterproof performance is better.
-good consistency, good light distribution curve, uniform light output. 2.patch series products selling point advantages:

-High reliability (precision waterproof design, low machine failure rate).
-High contrast (black substrate, black matte surface, matte packaging process).
-Low light and high gray (high gray scale, natural and delicate picture quality).
-Large angle light (wide viewing angle, 110 degrees or more, large angle light distribution).
-good consistency (scientific spectroscopic screening, uniform color).
Product Application
1.LED UV Ultraviolet radiation is a low-energy electromagnetic wave. Because of its good bactericidal action, ultraviolet radiation is widely used in banknote detection, anti counterfeiting, fluorescent substance detection, nail polish curing, UV scorpion lamp, plant lighting, aquarium lighting, UV flashlight, printing ink solid, medical treatment, sanitation and epidemic prevention, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and so on.
2.LED plant growth lamp the wavelength type is abundant, which coincides with the spectral range of photosynthesis and light morphogenesis; the system has fewer heating and occupies less space, which realizes low heat load and miniaturization of production space; moreover, its strong durability also reduces the operation cost. Because of these remarkable characteristics, LED is very suitable for plant cultivation in controllable facility environment, such as plant tissue culture, facility horticulture and factory seedling cultivation, and space ecological life-support system.
3.LED infrared reception and emission With the rise of modern high-tech, remote sensing, security monitoring can be seen everywhere, various types of remote control toys and monitoring equipment penetrate into every family, every city street, in order to improve people’s livelihood happiness index and add color.
4.LED road traffic information the rise of intelligent transportation system, in urban traffic, highway and other fields, LED traffic display and indication as information broadcasting, speed limit signs, signal l

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